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Who we are

Third Rock Management Consulting represents a full service Organization Development consultancy that provides a value-added service to your organization in addressing organizational and human resource development needs.

We believe in maximizing human potential. The company involves a group of professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds. Our skills are combined with decades of corporate experience from many disciplines, ranging from psychologists and human resources to management. Industries where we frequently consult are energy, oil and gas, financial, IT, manufacturing, and retail settings.

We have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.

Why the name?

Planets are in an orbit around the sun within any solar system. Using the metaphor of a solar system for an organization, Third Rock supports the different "planets" within that solar system. The planets are individual-, team- and organization development. The orbit of each "planet" refers to processes and other activities, which give each planet its uniqueness.

As solar systems grow and change, so Third Rock assists it clients during any business transformation, ensuring all the "planets" stay in the correct orbit, fulfilling the vision and strategic goals of the organization.


White papers are available for each area of consulting.  To request more information, click here to contact us.