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Alignment Management


Organizations must continually re-create themselves or face extinction. Now more than ever strategies need to be current, flexible and integrated to business and people processes.
We have a proven approach to ensure strategies are embedded and supported by people, processes and technology.


Driving and improving business efficiency is critical to grow and survive in the global economy.
Third Rock offers black belt improvement specialists to assist organizations maximize efficiencies as part of business as usual, system implementation or after mergers and acquisitions.


Any business is only as strong as the people who comprise it are. Research indicates that a major factor in employee satisfaction is the experience of being valued, trusted and respected. A business needs to create an environment where people are secure in the knowledge that their efforts make a difference. We assist organizations in identifying the current affairs and develop strategies to reach the ideal climate and culture.

All our tools, templates, questionnaires are available online and in nine languages, namely English, Spanish, Potugese, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin and Afrikaans.