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Change Management

Today's business climate has been described as "navigating in permanent white water".   The churning rapids of change offer little hope of tranquil waters ahead.   By developing the skills to cope with change, these rapids will be overcome like a true rafter.   The "white water" can take many forms, M&A's, ERP implementation, Strategic re-alignment, to name a few.

Third Rock focuses on how people and organizations respond to, navigate and sustain meaningful change.  We help increase what organizations can achieve by harnessing the power of their people to the process of change.

Our propriety methodology and tools cover all the key areas of organization change management by ensuring:

  1. A clear vision is created;

  2. Leadership capacity and capability is developed;

  3. Commitment to the change by all is ensured;

  4. Sustainability of the change;

  5. The organization is aligned and prepared; and by

  6. Managing the change in a structured, project management principled manner. 

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Third Rock has an instructional design team that has successfully designed, deployed and trained our clients in multiple disciplines, ranging from ERP's, custom build software solutions and HSSE aspects.

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