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The traditional relationship between organization and employee has been dramatically altered because of the endless need for innovation and change.  Businesses must keep reinventing their products, find ways to satisfy their clients but also the way they reorganize themselves and stay current with changes in technology, demographics and government regulations.  Against this backdrop, Third Rock Management Consulting aims to help organizations find ways to retain key employees through relevant development opportunities. 

Executive Coaching
Our Executive and Business Coaching services are available to senior leadership, managers and key teams focused on taking their awareness and development to the next level: to be more effective and as a result to contribute meaningfully to agreed business goals and targets.

More specifically, by improving the performance of the most influential people and teams within your organization you will, as a consequence, be able to improve results at an organization level.  From a cultural perspective this has great significance as senior managers’ behavior encourages and establishes similar standards for people who work for them. 

Coaching in this context does not mean teaching, managing or offering advice; it rather takes the form of a private one-on-one process focused on developing understanding, insight and behavior that assist clients in being more competent in their respective businesses’.

Coaching Products

It is our intention to work in partnership with our clients towards the following products within the context of current organization development (It is not in the interest of Third Rock Management Consulting to become indispensable):
  • Long term excellent performance.  Meaning that clients will meet the high objective standards of the competency or discipline in which coaching is occurring. 
  • Building the competence of our clients so that they, in an independent fashion, can make any necessary adjustments according to desired outcomes.
  • To set the client up with the necessary resources that will lead to a continuous search for new ways to self-improve.

Coaching model

Third Rock Coaching is a form of coaching with a sound theoretical base. The underlying premise of our coaching model is:

  • A client’s Thinking Paradigm determines what they pay attention to and what they don’t pay attention to.
  • What clients pay attention to influences their behavior in a dramatic way.

Against this background, we see our role as gaining a better insight and understanding (and helping our clients to better understand) into clients’ Thinking Paradigm by:

  • Providing new observations, distinctions and insights (a new language so to speak), which creates the ability for the client to see something in a new light, opening alternative possibilities for action.
  • Acknowledging the fact that no assessment model could fully capture the full range of a person’s thinking, actions, feelings and potential, Third Rock Management Consulting have a team of industrial psychologists who are able to facilitate a quick understanding of their clients.  We partner with well known international service providers such as SHL, CPP Inc, Franklin Covey Worldwide in order to administer relevant assessments, to give form to our observations.
  • Developing and providing clients with habitual practices that help embed a new insight and or behavior, bringing about the intended outcomes.

Benefits to clients and organization
The success of our Coaching approach is specifically because it is developed to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client.  Here are some of the benefits clients and the organizations they work for, can expect:

  • Increased performance
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater flexibility
  • Focused and effective development of people
  • Increased loyalty of staff
  • Increased job satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment
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